Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Maritime Museum Trip

What a great way to celebrate my birthday on a trip with the fabulous Room 4 children and their amazing parents. Thank you for being such well behaved children on our trip. It was a great adventure and I think we all really enjoyed ourselves.
Thank you too to all the parent helpers who made sure we got to the train station safely, got on and off the trains, watched us out on the Ted Ashby boat and helped us throughout the day. We couldn't have done it without you. I am sure you are all exhausted tonight!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Well done Room 4 for a great performance at our school assembly last week.

Here is a video for those who missed it or those who can't wait to see a replay!

Room 4's Olympic Day

What did we need to do to organise an Olympics Day?

- decide on the sports

- decide on the rules and how you could win - time or distance or weight or other

- make the medals - how many did we need if we had 6 sports and each sport needed 3 medals?

- organise the ceremony - what happens at a medal ceremony? 

We decided on the following sports ...

- kayaking - how fast could you go on the skateboard with a pole as your paddle?

- shot putt - how far could you throw the ball with one hand?

- table tennis - how many times could you hit the ball on the bat?

- weightlifting - how much expression could you show in your face?

- nerf gun shooting - how far could you shoot the disc?

- sprinting - how fast could you run? 

What did we find out?

- we all tried our best but not everyone could be a winner

- the people without medals showed amazing sportsmanship

- the Olympics takes a lot of hard work to organise

- you need to be a reflective learner to be a good athlete so you can improve and get better

- you need to persevere and keep on trying 

- we had lots of fun

Look at some of the photos from our marvellous Monday. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

100 days in Room 4

Today we celebrated 100 days at school this year.

Our task was to count out 100 pieces of maths equipment and then arrange it in the number 100.

This was more challenging than you think!!

We had to:
- listen carefully to the instructions
- be flexible working in groups
- concentrate to count accurately
- problem solve to find the right sized space for our equipment
- persevere when it didn't work the first time

Finally we all completed the task!  Happy hundred day everyone :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Maui and the Sun

We are learning to retell a story.

We watched the video of Maui and the sun.

We acted it out in groups and then we wrote our stories.

Come into Room 4 to see all of the artwork and stories. 

Maui and the Sun

Maui and his brothers and sisters had a long night and a short day. Then Maui thought that we should get the sun. They made ropes out of flax. Then Maui said “Follow me. We need to hide but on a count of three we will catch the sun.”  And they did!
By Maria 

Maui and the Sun
A long time ago Maui was angry because he didn’t have enough time do his things he needed to do.
He said to his brothers, “Come here, I have a plan. We are going to catch the sun.” 
One of the brothers said “How are we going to catch the sun?”
“With flax of course.”
“It is too dangerous,” said one of the brothers.
“Come on brothers, follow me. We are nearly there. On the count of three… 1,2,3 go.”
The ropes caught on the sun.
The sun said “You’re going to hurt me.”
“If you go slowly across the sky we will have enough time to do our things.”
The sun agreed to go slowly.

By Dylan 

Maui and the Sun

A long time ago Maui was very cross because the sun was going too fast. Maui called his brothers to come. Maui said to catch the sun. The brothers said it is too dangerous. Maui had a plan to use some flax to catch the sun. So now the sun moves slowly and they can eat and hunt and fish all day long.

By Caleb 

First I think Maui is really disappointed because the sun is going too fast. Then he catches the sun and he can hunt and eat and fish all the time.

By Eason